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Gracielle Schutjens started her career in clinical research in 1995 after she worked for 4 years as a teacher in Biology and health education. She began as a CRA in Quintiles where she learned the basis working on a very large, worldwide cardio vascular project. She decided to accept a role as a Training and Quality Control manager in Parexel in 1999, combining her knowledge and experience in education and Clinical Research.

In 2000 she took the step to work as a freelancer to combine work with parenthood to take care of her three sons. Her sole proprietorship (UPTOYOU) provided services in monitoring, Project Management and QA work (SOP writing and audits). In 2006 she recruited her first employees and she trained them up into professionals in the world of Clinical Research. UPTOYOU developed into a high quality CRO, covering the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and a part of Germany. In 2010 UPTOYOU was acquired by Venn Life Sciences with the idea to provide the group with more complicated projects and more challenges.

Gracielle accepted several roles in Venn where she was constantly involved in operations. Venn has been growing very fast and got listed on AIM in 2014. In January 2018 Gracielle took the decision to go back where it all started. Her years in Venn brought her a lot of knowledge, joy and challenges but as Venn was still growing, the focus of her daily activities was less and less on clinical operations. As that area was exactly what she loved so much, she decided to resign, take some rest and to start working as a contractor to do what gave her so much joy in all these years; clinical operations. 

About SCRC

In more than 20 years, I have collected a lot of knowledge of clinical operations. The processes, (e-) tools, people, teams, institutions, rules, regulations and  do’s and don’ts. In all my assignments I bring this knowledge with me and I am happy to share it and to learn more from others. I believe in development of organizations, teams and individuals. I also believe that this can happen when things are shared and discussed in a constructive way. I’m offering an active ingredient to knowledge sharing and development.

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